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A Call to Arms (especially younger people)

Please see the menu and program that was left on all tables at this year’s Annual Remembrance Sunday Lunch.
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This is a call to arms for people to join the Trust, be part of the Trust and to help ensure that Remembrance of the lads continues ….

To quote Jack …”We’re looking for young blood, fresh viewpoints and a few folk who might consider committing for the future. We think that McCrae’s Battalion deserves not to be forgotten again. And the challenge – just as in 1914 – is to youth. We want to buy the land adjacent to the Cairn: we want to create a simple ‘Garden of Remembrance’ on the site; (and against the difficulties of ever more expensive foreign travel) we want to set our annual pilgrimage into the mortar of posterity, so that people will continue to stand at the Contalmaison Cairn on the first day of July for all coming time.” Read the full text HERE.

Thank You

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