When McCrae’s Battalion Trust was established we incorporated an educational purpose alongside the care of the Cairn and the perpetuation of our commemorative effort.


We believe that the future of Remembrance lies with the young. Without their interest and their participation, the terrible sacrifice of The Great War will eventually pass from public consciousness. Accordingly, from the early days of the Trust, we’ve included students of school age in our annual pilgrimage and made ourselves available to students, teachers and educational authorities to answer questions and give advice. We would like to do more, but as a small voluntary charity with limited resources we are sometimes frustrated by lack of funding.

We would be pleased to discuss any serious proposal from learning professionals to develop an education pack around McCrae’s Battalion or any other aspect of the Great War. We have a considerable reserve of knowledge, unrivalled experience of research in the military field, and a remarkable story at the heart of our organisation.

That story is inspiring and engaging. Over the years we’ve observed that it is of particular interest to young people, who perhaps identify more readily with ‘soldier footballers’ than with many other types of historical figure. If the young footballers of McCrae’s Battalion can generate interest in a wider study of the Great War and of history in general, then that is another (equally impressive) memorial to stand beside a handsome pile of Scottish stone in a wee French village.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any constructive ideas and we’ll get back to you directly.