St Giles Mapping Remembrance
From the 1st of July to 2nd August 2016 a large painted textile,”Mapping Remembrance”, will be on show in St Giles Cathedral.

It commemorates the contribution made by James Black, chaplain to McCrae’s Battalion in 1916 and later to the Hearts Football Club in Edinburgh. The Rev James Black preached the sermon,which inspired this work, in St Giles Cathedral at the unveiling of the monument to McCrae’s Battalion. On the 17th December 1922 the last remnants of McCrae’s men sat and listened to the words from the pulpit from “one who was there with them” at the terrible Battle of the Somme, July 1916. James Black, padre to the Battalion, described how he had lost count of the times he had been asked “Where Minister is my consolation?”

This large mixed media piece was inspired by the question posed in the sermon

and some of the words are reproduced on the panels.

An event is to be held on July 8th at 7.00pm in the Cathedral to view the art work and hear words and music reflecting on the Somme and Rev James Black.