1 July 2020 – Part 2

1 July 1916 – the First Day of the Battle of the Somme

104th Anniversary – 1 July 2020

Sadly we are unable to join our friends in Contalmaison today but that does not mean we have forgotten.

The work of McCrae’s Battalion Trust continues and we intend to return to the Somme with a full coach next summer. In the meantime we have some socially distanced commemorative ‘thoughts for the day’ from our Chairman, Craig Herbertson and from our Padre, Peter Sutton.

Craig Herbertson, Chairman of McCrae’s Battalion Trust
Peter Sutton, Padre of McCrae’s Battalion Trust

2020 is the first year since the unveiling of the Cairn in 2004 that McCrae’s Battalion Trust has failed to conduct a commemorative  ceremony in Contalmaison. This link will take you back to 2016’s Centenary event and hopefully bring back some fond memories of the day.

Lest we forget.

2016 Pilgrimage to Contalmaison

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