McCrae’s Battalion Trust – Sponsor us

Sponsor Us

McCrae’s Battalion Trust has achieved a great deal over the past decade and attracted an equal amount of unreservedly positive publicity. We’re proud to represent Edinburgh, Scotland and Great Britain and consider ourselves ambassadors for our country. So far we’ve made do without an official sponsor. However as we move into a five-year period of centennial commitment, we would be pleased to discuss the establishment of a mutually beneficial working relationship with any interested parties. We’re willing to engage at any time and to answer any of your questions.

In the first instance, you can contact us here or write to Jack Alexander at the following address:
The Royal Scots Club,
29-31 Abercromby Place,

Thank you for your interest.

McCrae’s Battalion Trust – Sponsoring Individuals

The active involvement of serving soldiers, veterans and sixth-year students is an important element of our annual pilgrimage. The participation of the Royal Scots Colour party maintains the golden thread that ties us to the original battalion and adds an authentic historic dimension to our ceremony. If you are interested in sponsoring an individual in one of these categories, please email us or write to the above address.